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Choosing The Right Safe

The easiest way to make sure you are choosing the right safe is to use our Safe Finder Tool
This will give you some great insights in to what questions you need to ask yourself in order to get the right safe for you! You can also use the Shop by Filters down the left-hand side of each product listings page and this will narrow down your search

The first type of questions which tend to determine what kind of safe you want or need are:

Do you require a certain Cash Rating?

If you have been instructed by your insurance company that you need to purchase a safe they will dictate what kind of Cash/Valuables rating the safe needs to have. If it is just for personal protection and peace of mind it is up to you what cash rating you choose.

Do you require any Fire Rating?

Most of the time Fire Rating is only used for Important Documents, Data or Digital Media but can sometimes come as a nice added extra measure on some of the Home Safe Ranges as well.

What size safe do you need?

If you need a certain sized object to fit in the safe, use the internal measurements to choose what safe is right for you.

Where is the Safe going?

You must also take into consideration where you are placing the safe. If you are considering placing the safe either up or down a flight of stairs please take into consideration the weight of the safe and whether there are any suitable solid floors or walls for the safe to be fixed to. This will also be an extra cost read some more info here Delivery Information.

Are you having the Safe Installed?

Most Safes will need to be installed to comply with your Insurance company’s requests. Please take into consideration where the fixing hole is in the safe (BASE requires a solid floor to be fixed to or REAR requires a solid wall to be fixed to), this will determine whether you need a solid floor or wall to fix it to. Installation Information.

What Locking Option Do You need?

You may have narrowed down your search a little by now so it would be a good time to think about locking options, most safes come with a variety of locking options nearly all involving the choice of Key or Electronic.

If you are running on a tight time frame to get your safe installed please contact our team on 0161 819 6888 or use our contact form and we can see what safes we have in stock and what late availability we have in your area.