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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)

Frequently Asked Questions


Safe Installation

Can I install the safe inside a wardrobe?

Do I need to remove the skirting board where the safe will be installed?

Where should I place my safe?

Can I have my safe bolted to the floor or wall?

I have 2 steps along the access route of my ground floor will I be charged?

What is the lead time for safe installation?

Do I need to get anything prepared for my installation?

What area do you install?

Can you install a safe to an upper or lower floor?

Do I need a site survey?

What are suitable stairs?

How long will my installation take?

Do you offer safe installation if I already have a safe?

Do you do weekend installations?

I have a lift that can take the safe to an upper floor will I still be charged extra?

Will I receive an estimated time of arrival?

I have underfloor heating, can I still have my safe bolted to the floor?

Can I pick an installation date?

What do I do if I need to cancel my installation?

Safe Information

What's the difference between cash rating and valuables rating?

What does fire rating mean?

What does cash rating mean?

My insurance told me I need to purchase a safe, what should I do?

How do I know what safe is right for me?

What does AiS Approved mean?

What does Secured by Design mean?

Whats the difference between cash rated safe and graded safes?

What does valuables rating mean?

Locking Information

What should I do if my key doesn't work?

What is better a key lock or and electronic lock?

What do I do if my battery runs out?

What is the difference between an override key and dual locking?

I have put the correct code in my combination lock but my safe wont open?

Can I get a replacement key for my safe?

I have entered my code on my electronic lock which was accepted but my safe wont unlock?

I have forgotten my code to my combination lock, what should I do?

I have put my code in wrong, will I be locked out?

What type of batteries do I need for my electronic lock?

How many keys would I get with a key lock?

What do I do when I want to change my code on my lock?

What do I do if I forget my code?

What should I do if I lose one of my keys?

Safe Removals and Relocations

Do you remove safes?

What's the lead time for a relocation?

What's the lead time for a removal?

Do you do safe relocations?

Can I leave my belongings in the safe when it's being relocated?

Can you hold my safe in storage?

Can I keep my belongings in the safe whilst in storage?

Call Outs

What are the costs for a call out?

What are the lead times for a call out?

What areas do you cover for call outs?

Will I be charged for the call out?

I think I have a fault with my safe, will I be charged?

Can I get a call out on the weekends?

Home Security Information

Do I need WIFI for my alarm?

Will my WiFi strength be affected by adding smart home security?

Do I need WiFi for my camera?

Do I need to pay for cloud storage for the smart CCTV?

Delivery Information

What are the delivery lead times?

Will the courier driver take my item inside my property?

Can I change my delivery date?

Do you deliver on a weekend?

What couriers do you use?

Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my ordered?

I have my order confirmation for my item to be installed, what do I need to do next?

Other Information

How do I purchase from Total safes?

Which credit/debit cards are accepted?

What happens if my card authorisation fails?

What happens to my personal information?