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Access Control

Take control of your premises with access control.

Security is important for small businesses and large corporation companies. Security measures within your business will give you a peace of mind knowing that your valued goods are secure.

It's important to keep documentation and data secure and with access control solutions. By having an access control system you can keep restricted areas within your business building safe from unknown entry.

Ensuring that the security of your valued assets, your staff members and their belongings. Our electronic access control systems can be fitted with audit trail readers, which allows the company to keep on track which areas have been accessed, and by whom.

Types of access control

There are various types of access control models that are able to use cards or fobs for door entry, this will allow you to be in control of visitor management.

  • Electronic Access Control
  • Mechanical Access Control
  • Internal Locking Door Systems
  • Manual Door Lock

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