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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)

High Security Safes


Cash cover or cash rating helps to determine how much cash can be stored into a safe for insurance purposes. Euro graded safes are ranked by numerical grades 0 to 6, with a Euro grade 6 safe able to withstand attacks from a variety of handheld and mechanical tools the longest, providing the highest level of protection.  
These types of safes tend to be for those who require storage of assets with substantial worth. 


All Euro grades are suited for home or business use as these provide a secure storage solution for cash and valued goods.
Eurograde 0 safes have a cash cover of £6,000 and jewellery cover of £60,000
Eurograde 1 safes have a cash cover of £10,000 and jewellery cover of £100,000
Eurograde 2 safes have a cash cover of £17,500 and jewellery cover of £175,000
Eurograde 3 safes have a cash cover of £35,000 and jewellery cover of £350,000
Eurograde 4 safes have a cash cover of £60,000 and jewellery cover of £600,000
Eurograde 5 safes have a cash cover of £100,000 and jewellery cover of £1,000,000
Eurograde 6 safes have a cash cover of £150,000 and jewellery cover of £1,500,000
      The reason why some safes have been categorised to Euro Graded safes is because of the construction of the safe and the type of lock that needs to be used on the safe. These Euro graded safes are certified by European Standards
      All our high security safes are installed by our very own professional installation team.