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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
Safe Locks

Safe Locks

Choosing the best safe lock for your secure storage solution!

Locks work to secure assets that are stored in your safe. They create a barrier between potential intruders and your possessions.

Safes have a variety of different locks. There will be locks that suit certain people and certain environments. Choosing the right safe lock is personal preference and choosing the right one is down to what type of safe you want.

Locks are a very important part of the safe. They reflect one factor of the entire safes’ security through by the complexity of the lock. If the lock does not meet certain standards, it will be deemed as unsuitable for your secure storage needs.

Safes with Key Locks

One of the most common types of locks on a safe is a singular key lock, this is your standard lock with a key. Safes with key locks, will be supplied with 2 keys. These types of locks will benefit someone who only requires themselves or very few people to access the safe. Ensure the key is not in close proximity of the safe as this will give intruders easy access.

If you lose your safe key we would advise that you have the lock changed on your safe, if your safe is not able to have the lock changed we would advise on looking at a new safe. 


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Safes with Electronic Locks

Another favourable lock is an electronic lock, some safes will already be made to buy with electronic locks whereas certain safes you will have to request one as an add on. Electronic locks provide access via pin code. These locks are particularity good if more than two people are going into the safe. 

A good feature about most electronic locks is that they come with a dual mode setting. This means two different pin entries can be set up in order to unlock the safe. This will add a higher level of security to your safe as 2 pins will be required.

Electronic locks run on batteries that can either be accessed from the front of the lock or inside of the safe on the back of the lock. A majority of safes that have the batteries on the outside of the safe lock, some may come with an override key.

The most common cause of lock outs with a safe with an electronic locks are the batteries. It will appear the lock is working as it will still accept your pin, but will not proceed to open, this is because there is enough battery power to accept the pin but not enough to unlock the lock. When changing a locks battery, always replace them with Duracell batteries.

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Safes with Combination Locks

Mechanical combination locks tend to be used because there is no hard wiring or battery operation needed. The most common combination locks you will find for safes will be the 3 or 4 Wheel Mechanical Combination Locks.

The 3 Wheel has up to 1 Million combination codes that can be used whereas a 4 Wheel has up to 10 million combination codes that can be used. Entry into safes with such locks will require setting a numerical code by twisting the dial to their preferred numerical sequence. These locks have internal mechanism discs where the notches must be aligned in order for the lock to open. This is controlled by the dial on the outside.


Safes with Finger Print Locks

Finger print locks are a vision of the future. No need to worry about losing keys, their bio metric fingerprint recognition unlocks your safe safely and securely. 


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Safes with Dual Locks

Dual Lock is all in the name, it simply refers to 2 locks. By having 2 locks instead of one helps to add t hat extra level of security. Both of these locks will have a separate key and will need to be unlocked in order to get into the safe. Certain safes are sold with a dual lock as a standard feature, these types of safes tend to be those with high cash ratings.

With certain types of safes, there may be the option to add a dual lock on of your choice. For example, you could choose to have a combination lock along with a key lock. If the combination lock is unlocked but the key lock isn't, you cannot gain access into the safe.

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