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Home security made simple with Total Safes and the Chubbsafes Homestar range!

Home security made simple with Total Safes and the Chubbsafes Homestar range!

The new Chubbsafes Homestar range provides high-security, at a reasonable price!

Trying to find the ideal security solution for your home isn’t always the simplest of tasks but leaving your valuables unsecured leaves them at risk of loss, damage or theft. At Total Safes, we have a wide range of home security solutions available, to suit everyone’s needs, including the Chubbsafes HomeStar range.

The Chubbsafes HomeStar range is available in three different sizes, providing the ideal option for all customers to choose from. Whether you’re looking to just secure electronic devices, such as a laptop, or larger valuables, the Chubbsafes HomeStar range is ideal. All of the safes come with electronic locking, and have a 12-month warranty, providing additional peace of mind in the unlikely event there were to be an issue with your safe.

Each of the safes in the Chubbsafes HomeStar range is constructed with a 6mm thick steel door, and a 3mm thick steel body with two locking bolts. The entire HomeStar range has a cash rating of £2,000, which can cover up to £20,000 in valuables, allowing your insurance company to cover the contents up to these amounts, should you choose to do so.

At Total Safes we offer free delivery and can also provide installation of your new Chubbsafes HomeStar safe, fitted either at the base or rear of the safe.

Want to know more about the Chubbsafes HomeStar range, take a look at the HomeStar laptop safe, the HomesStar 17EL safe and the HomeStar 54EL safe or get in touch. We have a live chat on our website and a phone line to provide assistance, give us a call on 0161 819 6888 or email us at

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