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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
What makes Total Safes the best choice for your security needs?

What makes Total Safes the best choice for your security needs?

Why choose Total Safes? 

There are many reasons why you should choose Total Safes when thinking about upgrading your personal or business security. We’ve been in the industry for nearly eight decades; we offer a list of services to aid the instalment and movement of your safe. You’ll be cared for from start to finish by a dedicated team of industry experts; the list goes on!

We’re proud of our work here at Total Safes and believe that reflects how we treat our customers. There are stellar reviews throughout the entirety of our website & on a wide range of products. So we must be doing something right!

Let’s get into a bit more detail as to why we believe you should choose Total Safes?


Security Experts

When you contact us, you’ll be dealing with the same expert right through to the very end, when you have your safe. The expert will be able to inform you of what’s best for your desires and can also help with explaining the Grade suits your insurance purposes if needs me. Once you’ve purchased your safe, you’ll be informed of the installation date, with regular updates of the arrival. We also have our in-house installation team, composed of a group of 60 engineers who are there to provide an expert experience for you. Our experts have been in the business for many years, meaning you’ll be given the correct information and receive the right product for you. 

Security Services

Safes are not the only thing we do here at Total Safes. We offer a wide range of services too! We also provide a removal and relocation service if you want to get rid of your safe or move home. Again, this service is provided by our team of expert engineers who will ensure your safe is transported with the utmost care and treatment. 

It doesn’t matter the shape or the size; our latest Hiab cranes and tail-lifts ensure a stress-free removal service. Regardless of shape, size or location within the premises, we can also offer this service for basement or upper floor removals. We can also provide our relocation & removal service in our unmarked vehicles for a discrete service. Our service includes:


- A complete site survey on location, if required

- Safe removal from the existing location 

- Safe storage until removal or relocation is required 

- Transport of safe to the new location 

- Safe installation on new site if required. 

The services we offer are completed with trusted methods, state of the art tools and done by a team of highly experienced engineers. Therefore, when thinking about anything to do with the world of safe, make sure “Total Safes” is your first port of call.       


Access Control

Security is a prime matter for anyone’s business. Having a high standard of security measures means you’ll have peace of mind in knowing everything is secure on your business property. That’s why here at ‘Total Safes’, we offer a wide range of access control types to suit the requirements of your business needs. Having access control systems in your premises means keeping restricted areas within your business building safe from unknown entry. If you’re interested in upgrading your business’s security with access control, our team of experts will carry you through the process. 


Vaults and Strongrooms 

If you’re looking for something bigger, look no further as we also offer strong room and vault design and installation. Each strong room and vault can be customised to suit your surroundings and security purposes. Made with modern construction methods and the ideal design in mind, strong rooms and vaults can be custom fabricated to meet your requirements. Adding a strongroom or vault to your business helps to protect any valuable products or assets a company may have. This high-security measure ultimately helps by reducing the risk of theft, attack or hostage-taking. This will leave you with peace of mind that your business is in the safest hands. Fully assembled by our highly trained installers, our strong rooms and vaults can be built in an existing building in as little as eight weeks, from concept and design to installation. Our installation service is fully bespoke and can be customised to suit your security needs.



A recent development we’ve made is that we are now working with Klarna! 

Klarna helps you to get the things you need right now as you can shop now and pay later. This means you can pay for your products in 3 instalments, meaning purchasing a safe no longer has to break the bank. Therefore start upgrading your security today by using Klarna.



There are many reasons to choose us, but we believe the main reason is our passion for what we do. Our customers and the services we provide are always at the forefront of our job, so the customers are always happy once we’ve completed our work.

If you have any other questions or queries concerning purchasing a safe or any other of our expert services, contact us either via our website or phone call today!

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