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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
Home Safes to Secure Your Student Belongings

Home Safes to Secure Your Student Belongings

The Association of British Insurers says students have the highest average value of possessions per person in the whole of the UK, at £2,600. For this reason, student-dominated residential areas are often targeted by thieves who know the value of the goods that are likely to be inside.

From phones and cameras to iPods and laptops, student houses are a treasure trove for opportunistic and targeted thefts. In Manchester, more than 1,000 student homes were robbed in 2019, prompting concerns that students and landlords renting student properties do not have enough measures in place to combat the issue.

Nick Starling, director of general insurance at the ABI, says: "By taking common-sense measures to safeguard possessions, and considering taking out contents insurance for cover, students can ensure they are not left paying a high price if valuables are lost, stolen or damaged."

As well as ensuring their valuables in case the worst does happen, students can also secure their valuables from theft using a home safe. A small investment in a secure safe can mean that if thieves enter your house, they won't be able to steal your most valuable possessions. Safes come in a range of sizes to fit all storage needs, from small safes for passports and small electronic gadgets to larger safes, perfect for storing laptops to ensure that the all-important dissertation remains secure.

Locking options for these kinds of safes can be varied to suit requirements. If you are prone to losing keys, it may be more convenient to use digital locking. If you choose a key lock, do not store the spare set inside the safe (believe us, it's been done many times!)

Along with the benefits home safes can bring to students, and landlords will also find security safes an excellent addition to student homes. To tell enquiring students that you will provide them with a safe to protect their valuables may give you the edge over other landlords in the area and protect their tenants' finances against any sudden impact that could leave them behind on their rent.

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