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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
How to stay safe at home

How to Stay Safe at Home

If you follow these guidelines, you will feel safer and more at home in your neighbourhood.

Know your neighbours

Get to know the neighbours around you. Introduce yourself, be friendly, and offer to do neighbourly things. Developing friendships with neighbours is fun. You might end up competing with them at game nights or drinking wine with them at wine nights. Whether you need someone to assist during an emergency, you will also have allies, watch your pet or house while you're away. Exchange your contact information with your neighbours who feel comfortable doing so, and see if you can help them too.

Protect yourself and your family

If you are walking alone at night, be cautious. Consider downloading a self-defence app and learning how to use your phone's safety features. If you have children, consider getting them a GPS wearable if you have just relocated to an unfamiliar area or have a long walk home from school or the bus stop.

Protect your home

Whether you adopt a vocal dog or install a home security system, the right home security system is worth the investment. A simple sign in the window or garden might deter burglars, but it's better to get the real thing. It is possible to find a system that works even on a tight budget.


Use common sense

Safe practices start with common sense. Here are some tips for staying safe at home: 

1. Lock the door.

2. Don't sleep with the windows open.

3. Invest in a smart doorbell

4. When entering the house, be sure all doors are locked.

5. Don't display valuables when windows are open.

6. Install a deadbolt on your front door.

7. Turn on the lights while you're away.

8. Use Steel rods and aftermarket locks to reinforce sliding windows and doors. 

9. Remove bushes that could be used as hiding places.

10. Install a fence around your property.

 Here at total safes, we have a wide range of security systems that can help protect your premises.

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