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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
Secured by Design

Secured by Design

What Does It Mean When Your Safe is Secured By Design?

When it comes to safes, certifications help to determine what safes have trusted secure storage. These are safes that have been tested by certain bodies in order to gain a certain certification. 

Secured by Design, is one of the most recognised specifications that can be given to safes. It is a certification that was established by the Association of Chief Police Officers back in 1989 as a scheme to improve security on production.

 It consists of a group of projects that focus on crime prevention by creating innovative designs that embody this. With great knowledge of the security industry and through working alongside the police, this allows for a deep understanding of crime and provides valuable insights into how it can be prevented.

This scheme has created vital awareness throughout the industry of the importance of security measures for the protection of valued assets, which has been translated through the modern construction methods manufacturers have adapted to ensuring that the products they produce adhere to standards set in place.

By raising awareness, this has prompted most manufacturers to oblige to certain security certifications. For example, products like doors and windows have to be certified by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification body before they get Secured by Design verification.

By changing the way everyday items are designed, this has ensured higher levels of protection can be achieved through modern security solutions. Secured by Design's website states that since 1989 in the UK, property crime has reduced by 60%.

Secured By Design create high security standards by recognising crimes trends. Items that are tested and that do not meet these standards, cannot carry the Secured By Design specification. If you were to purchase goods without certification, the protection of your premises, and valued assets within your premises may still be at risk.

Otherwise known as Police Approved, safes that have been recognised as Secured by Design will have met their requirements in terms of resistance to break in. They will also meet certain requirements set out by Secured by Design in their design and production process. These types of safes will be produced to police preferred specification.

Secure by Design's vision is to decrease crime rates and to make people less fearful of crimes occurring. They have stated that they want people to live in a safer society.

Looking to improve upon the security measures currently in place for your home or business? Secure your home with our Secured by Design products.


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