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Who are SMP Security Solutions?

Who are SMP Security Solutions?

SMP Triumph in the Safe and Security Industry

SMP Security are leaders in the safe and security industry. They specialise in the manufacture of high-security solutions to meet both home security and business security requirements. 

Founded in 1974 in Telford where they remain to this day, SMP Security proudly display their ‘Made in Britain’ status across their site, product literature and even on the products themselves. Their standard and bespoke range of safes are designed and manufactured right here in the UK, ensuring that the products they produce meet both British & European safe standards. Recognised as one of the last UK safe manufacturers that trades globally, SMP Security is continually expanding to meet the ever-growing demands of the security market.

SMP, which stands for 'Secure Mechanical Products', has over 40 years’ experience in the security industry. Their knowledge and skills are not only recognised by the work they put into their designs, but through the many accreditations they hold as a business. SMP are members of the British Safe and Vault Trade Association, as well as the Master Locksmiths Association and all of their security solutions are manufactured in line with the approval of the Association of Insurance Surveyors.

Back in 1974, SMP grew their business through general engineering and the fabrication of concrete, alongside creating security fencing. Not long after, SMP moved their focus entirely into the manufacture of high security products. They began to design, create and supply secure storage solutions, helping to protect their customers assets by understanding and recognising the varied security requirements of each individual and business. By offering bespoke security solutions, this ensures that SMP can tailor their products to their customer’s needs.  

SMP is not only a manufacturer, they offer many other services to customers across Mainland UK. This includes deliveries & installations, service & maintenance of both their own manufactured security products and a range of other brands’, removal & relocation of safes and safe identification.  As part of a larger company group who has locations up and down the country, this enables SMP to deliver and install all across Mainland UK. They have showrooms in Telford, Manchester, Bradford, Stoke, Glasgow and Essex that showcase their high-security products.

With the SMP range, you will find a large range of high-quality safes that will satisfy your security needs. If it is a cash safe, document safe or a jewellery safe you require, SMP have it covered. All SMP products are designed and tested to meet British and European standards which grants them their Euro Graded title.

Finding the right safe for your security requirements can be a daunting process. This is why SMP offer a large range of safes with quick turnovers. The standard range of Graded Safes can be customised with optional extras in order to cater to everyone's security needs more effectively. These include deposit options, extra shelving, electronic safe locks and cash drawers.

SMP Community Range

The SMP Community Range offers exceptional protection for a variety of home security and business security needs. These particular cash safes assure that your personal or commercial assets are protected against theft, loss or damage. The Community Range is available in Grades 0-5 and each grade is available in a range of sizes.  All SMP Community Safes are AIS approved which means they are accepted by most insurance companies.

The Community range offers security solutions for different cash and valuable sums. SMP Grade 0 Community safes have an overnight cash cover of £6000.

The higher the graded safe, the larger amount of cash or valuables can be stored. SMP Community Grade 5 safes have an overnight cash cover of £100,000. A grade 1 will be better suited for domestic use as it holds smaller amounts of cash and valuables. Whereas a grade 5 will be better suited for businesses that need to store larger volumes of cash.

The Community Grades 4 & 5 have dual locks as standard, increasing the amount of security and protection. Both locks need to be unlocked in order to gain access to the safe. For added security, grades 1-5 offer a 60-minute fire protection for documents. This ensures important papers or documents are not comprised in the case of a fire.

The Community range offers security solutions for different cash and valuable sums. SMP Grade 0 Community safes have an overnight cash cover of £6000.

The Community Grades 4 & 5 have dual key locks as standard, increasing the protection of your valuables by further preventing unauthorised access from being gained. In order to gain access to the safe both locks need to be opened. For added security, Grades 1-5 offer a 60-minute fire protection for documents. This ensures important papers or documents are not comprised in the case of a fire.

Deposit options can be added to these business safes. This is needed when cash or documents need to be regularly deposited. Optional electronic locks and adjustable shelving can be requested.

SMP Underfloor Safes

SMP's Custodian and Iron Master Underfloor safes provide protection that is practical and discreet.  They are a good solution when there is little to no space for a free standing safe. These floor safes are installed into the floor to hide your possessions so they are out of sight and secured. Particularly good for domestic environments, these floor safes are offered in a range of sizes and grades.

The SMP Custodian Underfloor safes offer a secure security solution to both homes and businesses.  Constructed with a high graded steel door, these floor safes offer secure protection of cash and valuables. It has an overnight recommended cash rating of £6000. Its fire-resistant seal in between the door and body of the safe, provides fire protection for documents.

The SMP Iron Master range is ideal for domestic and small business use. This floor safe has a recommended cash rating of £3500. With a valuable rating of £35,000, it allows for the storage and protection of jewellery.

SMP High Security Cabinets

SMP High Security Cabinets are designed to offer the protection of controlled drugs and high worth assets. They are popular amongst different industry sectors, offering highly secure protection for schools, medical premises and commercial offices.

 All of our SMP Community Safes and High Security Cabinets come with free ground floor installation or position delivery. If you require more information please call us on 0161 819 6888 or email us at

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