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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
What you need to know before buying a safe

What you need to know before buying a safe

Everyone has items that they want to keep safe. Whether that’s sentimental goods (which, let’s face it, are priceless) or items of a higher value, making sure they’re secure is very important. It could be that you want to protect your important documents, or your business assets, whatever the item, we’ve got the solution.

Unfortunately, there’s always a risk that if these items aren’t properly protected you could end up losing them, either through theft, damage or by simply misplacing them. With this is mind, maybe it’s time you considered investing in something to store them in, like a safe. A safe would help to conceal and protect your assets against potential theft or damages.

Not only do safes offer a secure storage solution but certain safes will even offer fire protection. There are a few different types of fire protection a safe can provide including:

  • Paper (like your birth certificates, deeds & business documentation)
  • Digital Media (including USBs, memory sticks & external hard drives)
  • Data Protection (such as internal hard drives & cellulose based media)

If you’re looking to further protect your valuables by adding them to your insurance plan then your provider will need you to buy a safe in order for them to cover costs in the event of theft or damage. They’ll let you know what type of safe you need in terms of cash and valuables cover. Cash and valuables cover? I hear you ask; this is essentially the limit of the amount of cash and/or valuables you can store at any given time and still be covered via your insurer.

It ultimately means that even if a worst-case scenario does happen and your assets are compromised, you'll be issued with compensation by your insurance. In simpler terms, it is better to have a safe than not to have one at all. Whether it be for commercial or domestic use, there’s a safe to suit everyone’s needs.

So, what are your options?

Commercial Safes

Commercial safes provide a secure and efficient storage solution for your office, offering the perfect place to keep vital documents, cash and keys. As well as standard business safes, there are also loads of deposit safes available to help you deposit items even more efficiently.

Domestic Safes

Domestic safes or otherwise known as home safes help to protect your personal valuables in the comfort of your own home. Home safes are extremely beneficial if you want regular access to your valuables without comprising their security.

When it comes to commercial and domestic environments, you can be sure that there will be some sort of important paper documents involved. As they are prone to damage, especially from fire exposure, they are best kept in a safe that has fire protection against paper.

Look out for fire safes that have fire protection against digital media or data if you have digital possessions you need to keep protected from fire damage.  

Under Floor Safes

Underfloor safes can be used to store items more discretely. There is a bit of an extra process with these, as they’re, you guessed it, fitted under the floor, but because of this they’re completely out of sight and therefore out of mind for would-be thieves.

Budget Safes

You don’t always have to splash the cash to protect your cash, budget safes can still allow for you to protect smaller volumes of valued goods whilst retaining your budget. The perfect place to securely store watches or passports when they are not needed.  

Safes tend to come fitted with key locks as standard, but there’s quite a broad range of locking upgrades available. Digital locks allowing for between 2 & 99 users, combination locks that don’t require batteries, and even biometric locks are available.

Further Protection

Although the safes themselves do the actual protecting, our engineers do all of the heavy lifting. Making sure your safe is professionally installed will prevent someone from just running off with your safe and everything inside it, or if that’s not possible (as some safes are quite weighty) it prevents the safe itself from being damaged, which could affect your insurance.

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