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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
Top 10 Budget Safes for your home

Top 10 Budget Safes for your home

Finding the right safe on a budget can be very time consuming and long winded.

Not to worry we have done the job for you! 

Here we have narrowed down the search to our top 10 best and most popular budget safes, all of which won't break the bank 

Please see below safes for sale that range from £50 

Top 10 best budget safes 

          1. ASEC Compact Digital
          2. YALE Budget Digital Cupboard Safe
          3. Phoenix Dione
          4. Chubbsafes Air
          5. Securikey Euro Vault
          6. Phoenix Fortress
          7. Chubbsafes HomeStar
          8. Phoenix Titan
          9. Securikey Mini Vault Silver
          10. Chubbsafes AlphaPlus

ASEC Compact Digital Safe

Asec Compact Blue budget safe

The ASEC Compact Digital Safe is a vibrant small safe that you can nab for less than £50! It is fitted with an electronic lock which can be programmed with a 3 to 8 digit code. Forgetful like me? This safe has an emergency key over-ride function in case you forget your code or in the event of battery failure.

It has a cash cover of £1000 and has drilled holes for floor and wall installation if required. 

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YALE Budget Digital Cupboard Safe

YALE Budget Digital Cupboard Safe

Yale safes may be a more familiar name to you. They are well known in the security industry and offer a range of safes and locks to reflect that. Their Budget Digital Cupboard Safes says it all in the name- a budget safe that can fit inside a cupboard.

Its steel construction makes the safe more robust as well as featuring a soft material base line inside to keep your valuables from getting damaged. This too has an electronic lock with 2 override keys and can be installed to the floor or wall. 

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Phoenix Dione

Phoenix Dione SS0301E Electronic Locking Safe

The Phoenix Dione is the perfect house safe or office safe as it is available in a range of sizes with a built in electronic lock. Even though this is a cheap safe, it has a high quality scratch resistant Metallic Graphite finish and comes with an internal LED light.

Not only this but it has an anti-tamper or bounce solenoid locking system to ensure security is not lost. This really is the ultimate security safe. It has a £1000 cash cover which makes it a great money safe for small bits of cash.

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Chubbsafes Air

Chubbsafes Air 10K Key Locking Safe

The Chubbsafes Air are a range of compact security safes that can be bought with a key lock or an electronic lock. With the key locking safes starting as little as £83, these safes are a perfect security solution when on a budget.

Need somewhere discreet to store your laptop? The Chubbsafes Air Laptop is a great security solution that is specially designed to store laptops in.

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Securikey Euro Vault

Securikey Euro Vault 035 Euro Cylinder

The Securikey Euro Vaults are a cost effective storage solution with a £1500 cash cover and are available in 3 different designs.

The Euro Vault 035 is ideal for storing laptops and is available with a key lock or electronic lock. The Euro Vault Drawer Safes and Euro Vault Gas Struts are available with electronic locks and designed to go into a drawer.

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Phoenix Fortress

Phoenix Fortress SS1181K Key Locking SafeThis is the first budget safe on our list to offer £4000 cash cover. Not only this, but the Fortress range is Insurance Approved and is Secured by Design Approved. In simpler terms, it's a very high security safe at a very little cost!

Offered with a key lock or electronic lock, this is the perfect business safe or home safe.

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Chubbsafes HomeStar

Chubbsafes HomeStar 17 EL Electronic Locking Safe

The Chubbsafes HomeStar is a popular safe when it comes to budget safes! It is available in 3 sizes with a built in motorised electronic lock and has a cash rating of £2000. It is best suited to store valuables such as cameras, laptops and jewellery.

This safe is also Insurance Approved and Secured by Design Approved and has been fitted with an anti tamper alarm in the case of the safe being physically attacked or if the wrong code has been entered more than 3 times.

The Chubbsafes HomeStar Laptop is another safe that has been specially designed to fit laptops and tablets.

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Phoenix Titan

Phoenix Titan FS1281K Key Locking Safe

This is the first fireproof safe on our list. The Phoenix Titan has been designed to protect digital appliances and paper against fire for 60 minutes. You can store your passport and USB memory sticks without the fear of damage.

Prices for The Phoenix Titan start at £197 and all include a cash rating of £2000. Not only are they offered with a key lock and electronic lock, but you can really be tech savvy and have a fingerprint recognition lock as well.

Due to it being a fire safe, it can only be installed to the floor. The fire resistance or fire rating would be compromised if the safe had wall fixing holes.

A small pull out drawer is provided to keep small items organised and secure.

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Securikey Mini Vault Silver 

Securikey Mini Vault Silver 0K Key Locking Safe

These safes often get complimented for their stylish metallic exterior and high security purposes. Just like the Fortress, they have a cash rating of £4000, are Insurance Approved and are Secured by Design Approved.

With a choice between key lock and electronic lock, these robust safes feature an 8mm anti-bludgeon door to prevent attack.

Their motion sensor interior lights also make a good bonus.

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Chubbsafes AlphaPlus

The Chubbsafes AlphaPlus is a secure and solidly constructed home and office safe with a cash cover of £3000.

These are available in a range of sizes with a key lock or electronic lock. There is flexibility with how you install the safe as it can be fitted to a solid floor or a solid wall.

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Installing these safes 

Most safes come with floor fixing holes in order to be fixed to a solid floor. Please check the safes specification before buying to see if is suitable to be fitted to a wall as well. Most budget safes will have floor and wall fixing holes. 

When it comes to buying a safe, our own team of safes installers offer a delivery and installation service for your safe to meet your security requirements. This professional installation service ensures your safe has been fitted correctly in order to prevent a security risk.

This will be done by bolting a safe to the floor or wall in your property to make sure it cannot be pried. It is best to have the safe installed to a concrete floor or brick wall as these are more secure then wooden floors and stud walls.

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