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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
What is a Euro Graded Safe?

What is a Euro Graded Safe?

Introduction to Euro Graded Safes

Euro Grade is one of many terms that helps to define a type of safe. But what is a Euro Graded safe? What does this term even mean? 

A Euro Graded Safe is a type of safe that has been awarded a specific grade certification in accordance with European Standards EN1143-1. Every Euro graded Safe is ranked in numerical grades 0 to 6, all dependent on how strong they are and their resistance to attack.

Tests are conducted by national testing agencies such as ECBs and VdS which determines the length of time it takes to gain part or full entry into the safe. Once completed, the agencies decide the resistance level of the safe, which is how a Euro Grade certification is assigned.

Each grade will specify a certain cash rating. 

What Does Cash Cover Mean? 

In simpler terms, a Euro Graded Safe is defined by the safes cash cover. What is a cash cover? The cash cover or cash rating of a safe, helps to determine how much cash can be stored into a safe over night, this is mostly used for insurance purposes. Insurance companies will ask you to purchase a safe that has a cash rating relative to the amount of cash that you wish to store. 

Note- to find out a valuables cover, always multiply the cash rating by 10. For example if a safe has a cash rating of £6,000, it will have a valuables cover of £60,000. 

Please see below which grade represents which cash rating:

As you can tell, Euro Graded Safes have a much higher cash and valuables rating than your small home safes or office safes.


Locking Options 

Euro Graded safes can come with a variety of different safe locks like key locks, digital locks and wheel combination locks. Not only do they make the safe secure but it gives you a personal preference that will meet your needs.


If you opt for a grade 4 safe or any grade above, the safe will come with dual locking as standard. This type of lock adds an extra layer of security as 2 different locks are needed to gain access to the safe. 

Installing Your Safe 

Most insurance providers will ask for your safe to be installed to a solid wall or solid floor. This ensures that your safe cannot be removed by any unwanted personnel. Make sure that you have your safe installed in an area where it is not visible through a window or near any exit doors. 

Here at Total Safes, we have a professional safe engineering team that can install your safe to meet your requirements. Want to find out more about this service? Click this link to find out more information about our installation service. 

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0161 819 6888 and we'll be happy to help with any questions or queries you may have. 

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