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FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
FREE Delivery on all our products! 🚚 (T&C's Apply)
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Back up your data with ioSafe

IoSafe are a manufacturer of fireproof and waterproof external hard drives and network attached storage appliances. Their devices are designed to protect large volumes of data against unforeseen disasters. 

With many more of us working at home, we may not have the time to think about certain IT requirements such as the process of backing up data and making sure we have malware protection. 

In order to comply with data protection, each business must ensure that their data is always kept secure and private. There must be a disaster recovery plan put in place in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

With an ioSafe, you can ensure your data is safe and securely backed up in the case of an accident such as a flood or fire break out. Their disaster recovery plan provides complete peace of mind knowing that when the unthinkable happens, your personal data or business will not be compromised.

Devices that have factory-installed hard drives will include two years of the Data Recovery Service and is extendable for up to 5 years. This DRS upgrade includes 5 years of hardware warranty coverage.

There is an ioSafe to suit every environment, whether it be for personal use or business use. Please see below some of the models we sell here at Total Safes ands how they can benefit your every day life. 

Home/ Personal Use 

The ioSafe Solo G3 is perfect for people working at home or families that are looking to keep important documents and irreplaceable photos safe. The Solo G3 is an external storage device with a single drive. Due to this device being fan less, it has an almost silent operation.

The ioSafe SoloPro can be used in the home or for small businesses. This single hard drive has the same ioSafe protection against flooding and fire damage and includes the 2 year data recovery service. 

Business/ Office Use

Businesses big or small, will have a variety of data that needs to be backed up and protected; these will be customer records, medical records and financial records.

The ioSafe 218 NAS device, which is also available as a diskless device, is best suited for small teams or offices where constant accessibility and collaboration is needed. 

The device is cloud enabled and powered by Synology's multiple award winning DiskStation Manager operating system. Apps are available for collaboration, remote access, file syncing, file sharing, video surveillance and many more.

The ioSafe 218 NAS contains two hard drives that are configured as a redundant RAID 1 device. If one drive fails, you can pop in another one for an automatic rebuild. 

Want to compare each ioSafe? ioSafe provide a comparison table of each model to help you decide which one is best for you. Click this link here to view it on their website. 

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